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Emergency Medical Services

New Medical Equipment

In 2011 we were able to accomplish one of our goals from 2010. With a generous donation from Glen Oaks Hospital, we were able to completely outfit our reserve ambulance with all new equipment. This changed the status of this ambulance from reserve to a front-line vehicle that is ready to go. Now, if a crew has to switch into this vehicle, they simply move their turn-out gear and their ready to go.


A goal not achieved this year was to outfit our third engine with paramedic gear. Currently station 1 and station 3 have paramedic equipment; however, station 2 has basic life support equipment including an automated external defibrillator. The district would like all of their engines to be equipped the same. This is still a goal to be achieved in the coming year.

Emergency Medical Operations

The Addison Fire Protection District provides the residents and business of the district emergency medical services (EMS) 24 hours a day. The service to the district is provided by almost sixty paramedics, three ambulances and two paramedic fire engines. The state licensed paramedics of the Addison Fire District must adhere to state requirements of 120 hours of continuing education within four years. Most of the Addison Fire Protection District paramedics exceed this requirement with extensive in-house training.  

Along with the state regulations for the paramedics there are also state regulations for the fire district’s ambulances. Each ambulance that the district owns must be inspected by Illinois Department of Public Health. Each ambulance undergoes an inspection by an inspector from the office of Illinois Department of Public Health. The ambulances and the paramedic equipment on the fire engines also receive an inspection from our regional hospital inspectors. 

In 2011, the districts advanced life support (ALS) units responded to 3092 emergency medical incidents, this was a slight decrease from 2010. Early in the year the vast majority of our transports were going to Elmhurst Hospital.

System News   

The Good Samaritan System selected Addison to conduct a study for a new style CPAP mask. CPAP is a constant pressure mask typically used for people with sleep disorders. In the pre-hospital setting they’re used for people with respiratory problems like asthma or congestive heart failure. Although the System has been using a different version of this mask, a new style is being considered. The old style was expensive and required the ambulance to carry a compressor type device to operate the total system. The new style mask that we are studying is a disposable unit that runs off of the on-board oxygen supply. The study is ongoing and will carry over to 2012.