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Public Education

Lt. Jeff Pluta       Public Education Officer

Sometime it may become necessary to have your blood pressure monitored for a period of time or you may just want to keep a check of it your self.
We offer free blood pressure checks Monday - Friday from 1pm to 4pm at our headquarter station on Addison road.
We recommend that you call ahead to make sure that the medics are in quarters before you come.
If you don't feel well - call 911!


A residential key box program was initiated late in 2010. With the demographics of Addison, and the pride of its citizens, the Fire Department was experiencing several calls to senior citizens. Access to the homes at times was difficult. A residential key box allows the homeowner to put a house key in a secure “safe” that only fire department personnel can access.

Two key boxes were purchased by Fire Prevention to help streamline the installation for residents that requested boxes. The residents pay the cost of the box to the Addison Fire District, and we install the box we have in stock. We then order a replacement box. If the resident no longer requires the box we will purchase the box back from the resident for the cost of the box.

Should any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 630-628-3100.
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The purpose of the premise alert program is to allow the public to alert public safety (Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services) entities of any disability or special needs individuals they may encounter before the need for help arises. The program was passed as state law on August 28, 2009.

The program is designed to alert police, fire, and emergency medical responders of any individual(s) that may be disabled, or have special needs in the community. The alerts or messages are given over the radio to the responding agencies to make them aware of these special situations prior to arriving on the scene. The program may be utilized at a residence or a place of employment.
Examples: (not limited to)
• Wheelchair dependant individuals or invalids
• Blind or hearing impaired individuals
• Bedridden individuals that use in home nursing care
• Or any individual that has a physical, emotional, behavioral, or developmental condition that requires health and related services of a type or amount that is above what is required by individuals in general.

To participate in the program you need to pick up or download a Premise Alert Form here
PAP Form .
Fill the form out and drop it off at our headquarters station at 10 S. Addison Road. Once properly filled out the information will be entered into our dispatch database for use during any future responses to that particular address. Forms may be filled out by the individual, a family member, friend, care givers or medical personnel familiar with the individual. Forms will need to be updated every 2 years to insure they are still valid.
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This new program, the Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, is a way for citizens of the Village of Addison to help in case of emergency.

This is a joint project between the Addison Fire Protection District, the Addison Police Department and the Village of Addison.

The program is gaining popularity throughout the county, state and country.
CERT teaches citizens how to help themselves, their neighbors and the community at large, in case of a major disaster.

CERT members are trained in emergency preparedness, first aid, triage, damage assessment, hazard mitigation, and even light search and rescue. With this training, they can help themselves and neighbors in the first critical hours of a natural or man-made disaster.

The CERT members can then form teams to assist rescuers through-out the village.

If you are interested in becoming a member of CERT please contact Lt. Jeff Pluta with the Addison Fire Department or
Officers Marie Hernandez, Omar Brucal, or Danielle Peterson
with the Addison Police Department at 630-543-3080.
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It was a great year in the Public Education Division.  Old programs received a much needed update and new programs helped us continue spreading the important message of safety.  These important programs were made possible by the dedication of our instructors as well as the hard work of the shift personnel.  Engine stops, station tours, school programs, fire extinguisher classes and many more activities allowed us to reach a wide variety of our residents.

Once again our school programs reached all the students of Addison from grades K through 8.  As in the past we were able to teach fire safety to over 2300 students.  This exceptional program was made even better with the updated materials that were added last year from the AFG grant.  To increase our reach into the school, a new 3rd grade program got off the ground last year.  Every month each 3rd grader in Addison is instructed in various safety topics.  This addition helps expand the knowledge of safety for our students.

In keeping with our goal of reaching out to all the residents we protect, we also increased our participation with Addison’s senior population.  Working through the Addison Park District, local politicians and local church senior groups, we gave safety talks and information on a variety of topics that were tailored to this population.  The District also purchased and began distributing medical information packets that are stored on the resident’s refrigerator.  This keeps important medical information readily available in an emergency.  We also worked with the Fire Prevention Bureau to spread the word on the home keybox program.

Working with the Addison Police Department and the DuPage County Coroner’s Office, we participated in an Operation Prom event at Addison Trail High School.  This important program helps teach students the importance of not drinking and driving.  By staging an accident scene, students are shown the consequences of the choices they make.
This last year, the DuPage County ETSB rolled out a new project called Smart911.  This program allows residents to add a wealth of information that is displayed when a 911 call is placed.  The Public Education Division made this program a priority.  We featured it in many of our events.

Addison Senior Fair - Friday, October 24, 9AM to 1 PM
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