10 S. Addison Road, Addison, Illinois 60101
Business # (630) 628-3100 Fax # (630) 543-9742

Michael J Super

First appointed as Trustee in May 2001. Won first election in April 2003 and again in April 2009. Mike is a
member of AAIC, NIAFPD, Addison Firefighter's Association, a member of the CERT commission, Honorary
member of the 90th Infantry Division Association, President of the King's Point Homeowners Association and
has spent four years on the Addison Community Council.

Bernadette LaRocca

Born in Chicago, Illinois
Addison resident since 1989
Village of Addison  - Manager & Mayor’s Office (23 Years)
Village of Addison - Deputy Village Clerk
Addison Chamber of Commerce - Executive Director (12 + Years)
Addison Fire Protection District - Recording Secretary (20 + Years)
Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts - Guest/Auxiliary Committee Member (9 + Years)

Charles Baxa, Jr.

Hired by Addison Fire District as a firefighter in July 1969 and became a FF/PM in 1976. Promoted to Lieutenant
in 1980 and than promoted to Captain in 1990. Charles retired from active service in 1998. Appointed to Trustee
in 2007 to fill a vacancy and elected as Trustee in April 2009.
The Board of Trustees meets on the first Wednesday of each month at our headquarter station at 10 S Addison road, Addison IL 60101.
Meetings are open to the public and begin at 7:00PM.
Board of Trustees